Pump and Filter Kits

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Pump and Filter Kits Help and Advice

The ultimate starter kit to create a perfect pond

Get your pond off to the right start with one of our high-performance pump and filter kits. Saving you money on equipment, our range of kits from well-known brands such as Oase, Hozelock and our own Swell products ensure that your pond is running efficiently.

What are pump and filter kits?

Pump and filter kits are the ideal combo for crystal clear water. Each kit features a pump designed to handle solids and move water to the pond filter quickly and a filter to remove all types of waste and debris from the pond leaving pond water clean and clear.

Why might I buy a pump and filter kit?

The biggest benefit of our pump and filter kits is total peace of mind as you can be sure that everything in the kit will perform to a professional standard when bought together. Making setting up your new pond easy, our kits come with a range of fish-friendly equipment such as pumps, filters, UV clarifiers and more.

What are the main types of pump and filter kits?

We've created various pump and filter kits at Swell UK each with slightly different pumps and filters to ensure that the kit is perfect for a specific size of pond or use. Whether you're looking for a market-leading solids handling capacity or an easy maintenance pump package, we've got something to suit everyone.

What features should I look out for?

When looking for a pump and filter kit there will be some features to consider. Each of the kits will give you a great head start to building your pond. It just comes down to if you want to make your pond unique. A great example of good quality yet affordable kit is the Hozelock Bioforce Revolution and Aquaforce Pump Kit. These kits can be used on a fish-free pond of up to 28000 litres or a pond with fish of up to 16000 litres, so it's perfect for medium to large-sized ponds. The unit uses a pressurised filter featuring a unique mechanical filtration system. Coupled with a UV clarifier the water is thoroughly cleansed of algae cells. A powerful pump completes the kit for the best possible performance.

What accessories should I buy with a pump and filter kit?

The great thing about our pump and filter kits is that everything you need is in the package to get you started. You may want to consider how you want to transform your garden with a pond. Whether it's spectacular pondscaping or starting from scratch, it might be worth investing in some pond liner or accessories.