Swell Bio Filter and Pump Kit 3500

Compact pond filtration system

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At a glance...
  • Pond filter and pump kit
  • Features mechanical, biological and UV filtration
  • Suitable for ponds of up to 3500 l

When looking for value for money, Swell's own Bio Pond Filter 3500 kit is a fantastically compact yet extremely functional pond filter and pump kit. Suitable for ponds of up to 3500 litres (without fish), 2000 litres (with community fish, no koi) and multiple filtration system guarantees a clear, clean and healthy pond.

The water is forced through Japanese matting (not included), which can be easily cleaned for repeated use. A separate wall separates the chambers to enhance the flow of water through the filter and improve the end result - clearer water.

The second stage of the filter pushes the water through both fine and coarse filter foams, both of which are included in the filter, before finally a separate section of Bio-balls clarifies the water further, with cultures of healthy pond bacteria breaking down the bio-matter that would otherwise harm your water quality. The separate chambers of the filter ensure that the flow of water is continuously cleaned and strained of all dirt and debris.

Key Features:

  • Compact design.
  • Coarse and fine foam.
  • Biological and mechanical media included.
  • Final stage of bio-balls to further purify the water.
  • 3m of 20mm hose included.
  • 50mm outlet pipe needed (not included).
  • Fittings included.
  • Instructions included.


Product Pond size Max flow rate UV clarifier Dimensions Inlet Outlet Power cable Guarantee
Filter 3500l (no fish)
2,000l (with fish)
Not suitable for Koi
N/A 7W 30 x 26 x 31cm 20mm 50mm UV cable 5m 2 years
Bio Pond Pump N/A 1000lph N/A 20 x 16 x 11cm 20mm 15 and 20mm 10m 2 years
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