Pontec PondoPress Filter Sets

Perfect starter filter kit for small and medium ponds

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At a glance...
  • Filter kit with filter, 2500 lph pump, UVC and pipework
  • Ideal for ponds up to 10,000 l
  • 2-year guarantee filter with 4 mm solids handling capacity

The Pontec Pressurised Filters are sure to offer clear water and easy cleaning. Made by German manufacturers Oase, the Pontec range is their entry level product but it still has great features like the pumping handle for easy maintenance. Instillation couldn't be easier and with this unit working under pressure you can bury the filter, making it easier to hide and the water coming from it can easily be directed down a waterfall or stream.

Both sets contain a UV clarifier that removes the green algae that makes your pond look that pea soup green colour. The cleaning function is a handle that you pump up and down, this agitates the foams in the filter chamber and removes some of the dirt that can then be back flushed away by reversing the pump's flow direction through the filter. You need to swap the hose connections round to do this but it only take s a couple of minutes.

PondoPress Set 10000:

  • Ideal for ponds up to 10000 l without fish stock / 5000 l with fish stock
  • Reliable water supply of higher-positioned watercourses
  • Unique cleaning mechanism of the pressure filter for clean hands
  • Including powerful filter pump with 2500 l/h
  • Conveyance of coarse debris up to 4 mm in size to the filter
  • Integrated 9 watt UVC clarifier
  • 5m of hose
  • Pump - 180 x 165 115mm
  • Filter - 350 x 350 x 450mm
  • 2 year warrenty
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