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Buy discount Pond Liners online from UK's leading pond retailer. Free delivery. Huge range of over 250 pond liners available. A good quality pond liner is an essential part of any pond. It forms a watertight barrier which retains pond water and stops it seeping into the surrounding earth, also helping to avoid unwanted plants from taking up residence. Additionally, It can help to ensure that your pond water stays crystal clear.

Swell UK stock pond liners from leading brands including long-established, UK manufacturer, Gordon Low which supplies liners all over the world. They use decades of experience in order to create some of the highest quality products available on the market.

You can also rest assured that with a lifetime guarantee, this range of pond liners are designed to last for decades.

Our full selection includes PVC liners which serve as good basic liner at 0.5mm thick, Greenseal which are medium liners at 0.75mm thick as well as Firestone liners which are very much the professional's choice at 1mm thick.