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Help and advice on shopping for: Auto Feeders

Ensure your fish are fed regularly

Feeding your pond fish can be easy to forget but you can completely avoid that 'have I fed them today' worry with one of our superb automatic fish feeders. Whether you own a pond or aquarium, Swell UK offers a range of these auto fish feeders from popular brands such as Hozelock and Eheim to suit your needs and a wide range of pond fish food to keep your fish well fed.

What are pond fish feeders?

Pond fish feeders are automatic feeders that dispense fish food on a regular schedule. They can hold large amounts of food, often various sizes too, so that a variety of fish can be fed. A timer controls how often the fish are fed, and some advanced designs such as the Fish Mate P7000 Fish Feeder have a computer device that can be set to feed numerous times per day.

Why should I buy pond fish feeders?

Over or underfeeding can be a major problem when caring for fish, the health of your pondlife is often dependent on regular and controlled feeding. With a pond fish feeder, you are taking all chances of error away and ensuring that whether you are at home or away on holiday your fish will be well-fed and healthy.

What are the main types of pond fish feeders?

We sell both auto pond fish feeders and food blocks. Auto pond fish feeders have a small computer inside them to automate the feeding of fish while food blocks are large chunks of fish food designed to take time to eat, so your fish will only be able to eat so much each day. Auto pond fish feeders tend to be a long term feeding solution while food blocks are normally used to feed fish for a few weeks.

What features should you look out for when buying pond fish feeders?

The key to buying a pond fish feeder is knowing what you need from the feeder. If you need your fish to be fed multiple times a day with different types of food you'll require a more complex feeder, like the Evolution Aqua EvoFeeder, than if you just want to feed your fish once a day with the same food. The power source can also be important as most models will need to be permanently switched on, which could add to your energy bills.

What accessories should I buy with pond fish feeders?

While there are no accessories that need to be bought with a pond fish feeder, you'll need to stock up on fish food to ensure your feeder is filled. At Swell UK we sell a range of pond fish food suitable for all species.