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  • An automatic fish feeder for pond fish
  • Suitable for all types of fish food
  • The kit includes digital controller, feeder and spike
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The Velda Fish Feeder Pro offers you a stable and reliable way to ensure your fish are fed regularly, keeping up with their constant growth and supplying the small and frequent nutrition that they will thrive on. Ideal for when you're away, but also perfect for those with busy schedules, safe in the knowledge that your fish are cared for.

This comes with a two year guarantee, and includes four feeding guides to suit your chosen fish food. The Fish Feeder Pro can be programmed to let out food up to 20 times a day, providing a regular feed with consistent amounts that you choose. The food reservoir of 3l, with easy visible measurements, means you can fill up for a period of time, and top up as required, ensuring the newest food is on top for good rotation and no stagnant food building up.

The whole system is designed in a way to ensure no moisture can get in to spoil the food at all, and this can take a variety of types of food. The feeding guide screws include one for flake and natural feeds, and three versions for pellet food, from 3mm to 12mm to suit your pond type. The digital operating display means you can easily set the required amount and times, including a test feed to know you have the right settings for the volume of food provided.

This comes with an installation stake, which can be screwed into wood or wall, or buried into the ground, so its suitable for any pond type.

• Completely takes care of the feeding for your fish.
• Ideal for feeding during holiday periods.
• Takes care of optimum growth.
• Suitable for all species of food.

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