Fish Disease Treatments

Fungus and bacterial infections attack the tail, fins and skin of pond fish. Look out for ragged or rotted tails and fins. They can look as though bitten or frayed. If left unchecked the disease can attack the fish internally and cause further problems. Treat with an appropriate solution such as Blagdon Anti Fungus & Bacteria Treatment.

Parasites can also attack your fish. Look out for white patches or spots, or worm like creatures on your fish's body. Be cautious when adding new fish and quarantine them before adding to the main pond to avoid the spread of any disease. Using a reliable anti parasite treatment such as NT Labs Malachite will treat a variety of parasitic infections such as White Spot or Tichodina.

To keep fish stress to a minimum and lower the risk of them developing an illness, follow our great tips:

  • Keep the pond in good condition; clean filters and equipment regularly.
  • Don't overfeed fish, as excess waste can cause poor water conditions and fish stress. Remove excess food after a few minutes.
  • Quarantine new fish before adding to the pond. This should help reduce the risk of spreading any contagious diseases.
  • Treat tap water with a good dechlorinator before adding to the pond. This removes the chlorine and chloramine which can burn fish skin and cause stress.