Fish Disease Treatments

Pond fish disease treatments help and advice

Care for your pond fish

Fish can develop diseases and infections alarmingly quickly. Stress can lower the fish's immune system and leave them vulnerable to all types of nasty health problems. We have a wide collection of treatments that will remedy all manner of fish health worries. As you'd expect from us here at Swell UK, all of our treatments are from trusted manufacturers such as Blagdon and Tetra.

What are pond fish disease treatments?

We sell a variety of pond fish disease treatments including treatments for fungus, bacterial infections and parasites. Fungus and bacterial infections attack the tail, fins and skin of pond fish. If left unchecked, the disease can attack the fish internally and cause further problems. Treat with an appropriate solution such as Blagdon Anti Fungus & Bacteria Treatment. Parasites can also attack your fish. Using a reliable anti-parasite treatment such as NT Labs Malachite will treat a variety of parasitic infections such as White Spot or Tichodina.

Why should I buy pond fish disease treatments?

It's important to limit the damage any disease can do to your fish and pond as a whole. It doesn't take long for an infection or parasite to get out of control and kill the majority of your pondlife. With pond fish disease treatments you can keep both your pond and fish disease-free.

What are the main types of pond fish disease treatments?

Each pond fish disease treatment is formulated to tackle a specific fish disease. In a few cases, we also have treatments that can cleanse your water of multiple issues at once. Simply identify the disease present in your pondlife and then buy the treatment to cure it.

What features should you look out for when buying pond fish disease treatments?

Ensure that the pond fish disease treatment contains enough solution to completely treat your entire pond, if you own a particularly large pond it may be worth picking up multiple bottles - each treatment requires a different concentration so be sure to research the amount you need before buying multiples.