Fish Nets

Fish nets help and advice

A pond keeping staple

Every pondkeeper needs a good net in their store cupboard. For removing and depositing fish as well as performing general maintenance. Our range of nets boasts a raft of features including extra-long, telescopic handles for larger ponds and sturdy weatherproof nets.

What are fish nets?

Fish nets are nets on long poles specifically designed to catch and release fish. They are the safest and least traumatic way of moving fish between bodies of water. Some nets are specially designed to move particular species of fish, such as koi.

Why should I buy a fish net?

If you own any fish you'll need a fishnet to care for them and move them between different bodies of water for healthcare. If you own multiple species of fish, you may need to invest in a range of nets for each species (such as a koi sock).

What are the main types of fish nets?

Beyond generic fish nets, there are a few specialist fish nets designed for particular species, such as koi. While specialist nets will work for most other species of fish, they're particularly well suited to safely catching and holding a particular species. A few nets are also designed specifically for filtration and not for use with fish.

What features should you look out for when buying fish nets?

It's worth checking the length of the pole on any net you're intending to buy to ensure that it's long enough to successfully capture fish anywhere in your pond. Some fish nets are extendable and will be able to reach much further than standard nets.