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  • All-purpose pond poles for pond nets
  • Made from strong, lightweight aluminium
  • A wide range of sizes to suit all needs
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What are Swell All-Purpose Net Heads?

Swell All-Purpose Net Heads are our range of net heads that have been specially designed to fit our all-purpose pond poles. Each of the nets in the range has been created to suit different pond-keeping tasks, including transporting Koi, removing algae and catching fish. All of the nets in this range are interchangeable and can be swapped out on any all-purpose pole using the screw fixing..

What is the difference between the net heads?

The nets in this range have each been purpose-built to perform one general pond task. We recommend checking with the table further down the page to ensure the net head you’re buying is right for you and your pond.




Lightweight aluminium, durable netting and fabric


Blue and black




Net Type


All-Purpose Trapeze Net 30cm Net Head

Fish transport and care

All-Purpose Trapeze Net 40cm Net Head

Fish transport and care

All-Purpose Round Net 30cm Net Head

Fish transport and care

All-Purpose Sludge Net 30cm Net Head

Pond floor management

All-Purpose Algae Net 40cm Net Head

Pond surface management

All-Purpose Blanketweed Brush Head

Intense pond cleaning and scrubbing

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