UV Pond Bulbs

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UV bulbs help and advice

Completely neutralise algae in your water

We offer a wide range of UV bulbs for all different pond filters and UV clarifiers. The UV bulbs help maintain a healthy ecosystem by keeping the water clean from unwanted algae and plant waste. Our range of UV bulbs includes bulbs from Evolution Aqua, Hozelock and Lotus as well as our own products.

What are UV bulbs?

Put simply, water in a UV clarifier or filter will continually pass through the UV light, halting the growth of algae. Once hit by the light, the algae cells clump together - which makes them easier to filter out. A quartz sleeve protects the bulb from the water while letting the light shine through.

Why should I buy UV bulbs?

If you have a filter or UV clarifier then you'll likely need a bulb to replace a previous one that has been used up and will be well aware of their benefits. However, if you're considering adding a UV bulb to your filter system then it's worth knowing that UV bulbs are the best way to ensure pure and clear water for your pond with minimum effort.

What are the main types of UV bulbs?

We sell four main types of UV bulb products; double-ended UV bulbs, PLL UV bulbs (which come in either 4 or 2 pin variants) and quartz sleeves. Double-ended UV bulbs are bulbs that have a metal plug at each end. PLL UV bulbs have a plug at one end and are further broken down into those with 4 pin plugs and those with 2 pin plugs. Finally, we have quartz sleeves, which are wrapped around each light fitting to protect it from water damage.

What should I look for?

Before ordering, check that you know which bulb your unit needs and how many Watts it can supply. It's worth noting that many of our own brand UV bulbs are available on a buy 1 get 1 free deal, which means not only do you save money, you are always prepared for the next time a bulb goes out.