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FLASH SALE - Get 10% off with code: FLASH

Red Sea ReefDose

Control the chemicals within your aquarium with ease

At a glance...
  • Wireless dosing system for aquariums of all types
  • Controlled via your phone with advanced companion app
  • Available in a variety of sizes to suit all setups

RedSea Reef Dose is a new 2 or 4 head WIFI dosing pump which will allow you to control your dosing to ensure it is more accurate, and also easier for you, with no waste at all. This ReefDose dosing pump means you can have single-drop precision (0.05ml), and you can schedule doses, or complete a manual dose. It even has the capabilities to monitor the amount of supplement left in each container, so you know when you need to re-order.

Each of the heads within the ReefDose can be controlled to the accuracy of 0.05ml, whilst still running at a flow rate of 30ml per minute. The use of the ReefBeat App means that you can log all the actual doses that are dispensed. There are four automatic dosing programmes available; single dose, hourly dose, custom dose and timer schedule, giving you complete control. The motor has a life expectancy of 10 years, meaning you can be confident in the reliability and running of your dosing, especially when all set up on a scheduled timer.

The ReefBeat App - a one-stop app for all devices, meaning your tank is under complete control - including the dosing pump, LED system, wavemaker and skimmer. This has a simple step-by-step setup, and is can be synced between devices. It logs the data for reference, and allows you to set up system alerts, to ensure its being checked at all time.

With three dosing flow rates, you can be in control at all times, with the Whisper seetting of 15ml/min, Regular at 30ml/min and Turbo with 45ml/min. Included is secured conncections for flexible tubing, OD 5mm - ID 3mm. The heads each feature an automatic delays to prevent any chemical interactions between the supplements, and there is an easy assembly click on/off on each of the dosing heads.

  • Wall mounting bracket included
  • 0.2ml up to 1000ml dosing, in increments of 0.1ml, per head
  • 1 drop accuracy (0.05ml)
  • 10 years Motor life expectancy
  • 4 Automatic dosing programs - Single dose, Hourly dose, Custom dose, Timer schedule
  • Automated scheduling - combines all your dosing heads programs into one coordinated schedule.
  • Missed dose compensation - compensates scheduled doses that you may have missed due to unplanned events.
  • Supplement volume monitor - notifies you in advance when it's time for a re-fill.
  • 3 Dosing flow rates - including a "whisper" mode for quieter operation.
  • Dosing queue & dosing log - See your heads' upcoming scheduled doses, and review a detailed record of your dosing activity.
  • Food head - set any head as a "Food Head" to trigger "Feed mode" in the ReefBeat App (which can be programmed to turn off all pumps prior to dosing).
Model Number of heads Dimensions Wall bracket included
ReefDose 2 2 13 x 10.5cm Yes
ReefDose 4 4 22.5 x 10.5cm Yes
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