Red Sea Reefer Max 200 G2+

A complete marine tank set including lighting and water management equipment

At a glance...
  • 158 litre plug and play marine tank
  • Sleek, stylish and modern design
  • 60 x 57.5 x 53cm tank, 140cm total system height
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What is the Red Sea Reefer 200 G2+ Max?

The Red Sea Reefer 200 G2+ Max comes fully equipped as a plug and play system, the perfect set up to get you started, or to further your hobby. With a 158 litre tank and a choice of two modern and stylish cabinets, this tank will blend in well in your home. The set comes complete with lighting, filtration and circulation systems, as well as other equipment that will aid in an easy set up, so you can get started straight away, and save money on acquiring all the necessary features.

Key Features:

  • 158 litre marine tank
  • 60 x 57.5 x 53cm tank
  • 140cm total system height
  • Simple to set up and easy maintenance
  • Equipment syncs up to the ReefBeat app for an easy way to control and monitor your aquarium
  • An easy way to get started with all the necessary equipment
  • Fantastic water management for the clearest water
  • Provides a great viewing experience with ultra-clear rimless glass
  • Includes all needed equipment to provide great value for money
  • Comes with beautiful lighting for day and night-time viewing
  • 2 sleek and modern colour choices for the sturdy and reinforced cabinet

Why should I buy the Red Sea Reefer 200 G2+ Max?

The Red Sea Reefer aquariums are a stylish and beautiful tank that will only enhance your reefkeeping experience. The included cabinet gives the set a sleek, contemporary feel, and is reinforced for added durability. These tanks are perfect for reef keepers of all ability, and with the ability to control the equipment from your smartphone, you will have the ability to take complete control over your set up, giving you the opportunity to customise the lighting settings, and even the wave strength. This tank has a truly professional feel, and with all the equipment included, you won’t need to worry about having to hunt it all down.

What equipment is included in the Red Sea Reefer 200 G2+ Set?

Included in this complete set is:

  • ReefLED 90 Lighting System - This lighting system is an incredible inclusion, providing optimal coral growth, bold and dramatic colours, and a gentle shimmer in your aquarium. This LED system also can be synced to the ReefBeat app on your smartphone to use the preset lighting programs, or try out the sunset and sunrise effects, the lunar moonlight cycle or randomised clouds.
  • ReefWave 25 - A smooth running an energy efficient pump with vibration dampening that makes it extremely quiet. This pump can also be connected to your smartphone via the built in Wi-Fi connectivity, to give you more control over the waves. With cross-flow technology, a gentle and evenly distributed flow is introduced to your aquarium.
  • ReefRun 5500 - This pump can be customised to a daily schedule, and has 360° rotating outlets, and a flow rate of between 2000-5500lph. The ReefRun 5500 is powerful whilst still being energy efficient, making it cost effective to run
  • Reef Skimmer 300 - A protein skimmer that doesn’t reduce water or airflow, whilst evenly dispersing bubbles. This skimmer removes organic waste, aiding in a healthy tank, and is easy to carry out maintenance on with its quick release pump holder. There is also a window so that the foam height can be monitored and adjusted when necessary
  • ReefMat 500 - The ReefMat is an automated fleece roller filter, with easily changeable rolls that can be replaced without needing to remove the whole filter. The ReefMat is designed to keep the water clear for many weeks, when the roll will need replacing. This filter is also able to be connected to the ReefBeat app, for fully automated mechanical filtration
  • ReefATO+ System - This system is designed to replenish any water lost due to evaporation, maintaining a steady water level, and for your convenience is even fitted with a leak detector and digital temperature monitor
  • Slide Out Control Panel 25 - This control panel is the perfect inclusion, as it keeps all your controllers, doser and any other devices in one convenient place, fitted to either side of your cabinet, keeping that sleek modern feel whilst having the convenience of keeping all your tools close.
Total System Water Volume 200L
Display Tank Water Volume 158L
In-Cabinet Sump Water Volume 42L
Display Tank Dimensions (L x W x H) 60 x 57.5 x 53cm (excluding light unit)
Total System Height 140cm
Front Glass Measurements 10mm
Side Glass Measurements 12mm
Bottom Glass Measurements 10mm
Lighting ReefLED 90 - 90w
Water Circulation System ReefWave 25 - 7,500lph
Main System Pump ReefRun 5500 - 2000-2500lph
Protein Skimmer RSK DC 300 - Water Flow 1000lph, Air Flow 500lph
ReefMat ReefMat 500
Sump Water Height 17-23cm
Filtration Chamber 30 x 28cm
Pump Chamber 17 x 30cm
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