Red Sea ReefMat Fleece Roll

Non-woven aquarium fleece rolls for high flow-through rates

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  • Replacement fleece roll for Red Sea ReefMat systems
  • Constructed from non-woven polyester fleece
  • Provides crystal clear aquarium water
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Each fleece roll will keep your aquarium water clean and clear for weeks at a time.

What is Red Sea ReefMat Fleece Roll?

Red Sea ReefMat Fleece Rolls are replacement fleece rolls for the Red Sea ReefMat aquarium fleece filter system. Available in three fleece widths, these compact fleece rolls achieve fantastic flow rates. Made from non-woven polyester fleece, these fleece rolls provide your aquarium with crystal clear water.

Are ReefMat Fleece Rolls easy to install?

Yes, ReefMat Fleece Rolls can be easily switched out without ever having to remove the entire filter. Inserting a new roll is simple, quick and hassle-free. Removing the fleece from the take-up shaft can be done in a few seconds and without any tools.

  • Place the new roll in the convenient holder at the front
  • Thread the loose end into the take roll and lock it in place
  • Trap the fleece between the two parts of the retainer
  • Lower the retainer to the bottom of the filter chamber and lock it in place with a small twist
  • Place the new roll into the operating position and lock it in
Model ReefMat Fleece Roll 250 ReefMat Fleece Roll 500 ReefMat Fleece Roll 1200
Fleece-mat length 32 m 28 m 35 m
Fleece-mat width 8 cm/3.14" 11.3 cm/4.4” 17 cm/6.7”
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