At a glance...
  • Fully automated smart fleece roller
  • Easy fleece-mat replacement system
  • Multiple sump setup options
Changing the fleece rolls is really easy and the app lets you know how many days of fleece you have left before it runs out - really helpful.

What is the Red Sea ReefMat?

Designed for aquariums, the Red Sea ReefMat is a plug-and-play, fully-automated, fleece roller filter that keeps aquarium water crystal clear for several weeks. Easy to maintain, it fully automates your mechanical filtration, features a kink-resistant, flexible corrugated inlet hose and connects to the ReefBeat ecosystem app.

With the aquarist in mind, the ReefMat features an easy fleece mat replacement system that allows you to switch rolls without ever having to remove the entire filter.

What are the benefits of using an aquarium fleece filter?

Aquarium hobbyists use filter socks to trap undissolved waste particles in the water. While filter socks do a good job, waste particles that remain underwater can dissolve back into the water supply, plus the socks themselves must be cleaned on a regular basis. It is therefore beneficial to use a continuous roller filter, which removes the collected particles from the water quickly and only requires replacement after a few weeks.

What are the features of the ReefMat fleece roller filter?

The ReefMat includes solid-state internal and external water level sensors and a smart drive unit that controls and monitors the amount of fleece being used. It’s connected via WiFi to the ReefBeat ecosystem app which monitors the dispense from the beginning to the end of the roll. It’s set to dispense a fixed length of clean mat at all times. This has been preset for you, but can be customised to the exact length you require for optimum performance for your system.

ReefMat detects if the aquarium fleece gets torn or runs out and shuts off the motor if the mat gets stuck thereby ensuring prolonged motor life. ReefBeat will notify you about these situations as well as provide you with a daily usage log. In addition, a slide-out integrated media basket is integrated at the water outlet to provide additional chemical filtration.

Is this aquarium fleece filter easy to set up?

Yes, the ReefMat comes fully assembled in the box. It’s designed to hang on the front wall of your sump but also comes with optional legs for a free-standing installation, while the controller can be positioned on either side of the mat holder. The kink-resistant hose can also be connected to either side of the filter chamber and to the downflow pipe by a universal PVC connector that is suitable for both metric and USA piping.

Model ReefMat 250 ReefMat 500 ReefMat 1200
Recommended for Systems up to 250L Systems up to 500L Systems up to 1200L
Max. flow capacity 3500L 6000L 9000L
Fleece-mat width 8cm/3.1" 11.3 cm/4.4” 17cm/6.7”
Fleece-mat length 28m 28m 35m
Unit dimensions 16 x 20 x 40cm 21 x 27 x 42 cm 27 x 30 x 48 cm
Kink-resistant hose Yes Yes Yes
Media basket 160 ml 350 ml 700 ml
Suitable for Seawater aquariums only Seawater aquariums only Seawater aquariums only
Fleece material 50 g/m2, non-woven polyester fleece-mat roll 50 g/m2, non-woven polyester fleece-mat roll 50 g/m2, non-woven polyester fleece-mat roll
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