Red Sea ReefATO+ System

Keep your water levels stable with this automatic top-up system

At a glance...
  • Automatic top-off system with temperature monitor and leak detector
  • Maintains a constant water level in your tank
  • Includes smart controller which connects it to other ReefBeat products
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What is the Red Sea ReefATO+ System?

The Red Sea ReefATO+ is an exceptionally reliable automatic top-off system which includes an accurate temperature monitor and external leak detector. It is designed to maintain a stable salinity and water volume in a reef aquarium by automatically replenishing the water lost due to evaporation.

Key features:

  • Fail-proof (solid-state) water level sensor with built-in safety shutoff
  • Quiet, 12 VDC variable flow (610w) ATO pump - 4.5cm diameter opening, max flow 300 lph, max head 2.5m
  • Magnetic sensor mounting bracket for up to 12mm glass with snap-in ATO+ sensor holder
  • 3m silicone tubing with siphon-breaker and splash-free tube holder with lock-nuts
  • Titanium leak detector with an audible alarm
  • Online temperature sensor with a 0.1 precision
  • Detailed top-off and temperature logs
  • RO reservoir volume monitor
  • Integration with ReefBeats Feed/Maintenance/Emergency Quick Actions

What are the benefits of the Reef ATO+ System?

The ReefATO+ has a solid-state water level sensor with titanium probes that pinpoint if the water is above, below, or at the desired level. It also comes with a microprocessor-controlled quiet pump that fits a 4.5cm/1.8 diameter opening and has multiple safety features, including auto-shutdown if the pump is running for too long or running dry. Each fill is completed within a precise 3mm band, keeping the water volume and salinity stable. In addition, the higher-level backup probes only react when the ATO pump is on, so routine water fluctuations will not trigger any false alarms. The ReefATO+ also comes with a smart controller which connects it to other products in the ReefBeat eco-system. Existing Red Sea Reefer aquarium owners can save on the cost by purchasing a dedicated ReefATO+ upgrade kit, which is a drop-in replacement for the standard gravity-fed float valve system.

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