Red Sea ReefRun DC Kit

Completely customise your water management system

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  • ReefRun Kit with Duo Controller, DC Pump and DC Skimmer.
  • Designed for smarter aquarium water management.
  • Various combinations available to suit your aquarium.
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What is the Red Sea ReefRun DC Kit?

Red Sea has created the ReefRun range of products with smarter and more efficient aquarium water management in mind. All parts of the Red Sea ReefRun family are sold separately so that you can completely customise your water management system to meet the requirements of your personal set-up. At Swell we have also created several convenient pre-made kits for you to choose from. Each kit includes a ReefRun Duo Controller, DC Skimmer and DC Pump.

What is the ReefRun Duo Controller?

The Red Sea ReefRun Dual Controller can simultaneously control two separate devices, meaning that you can run both a Reefer DC Skimmer and ReefRun DC Pump (or two ReefRun DC Pumps) at the same time.

What is the ReefRun DC Skimmer?

Red Sea Reefer DC Skimmers are quiet, efficient skimmers featuring revolutionary self-levelling technology that prevents over-skimming and full cups from spilling while continuing to aerate the water. The Reefer DC Skimmer also features a PSK DC pump, proportionally sized venturi, a bubble diffusor and reaction body that optimises air to water contact time and creates the optimal waste removal environment. Reefer DC Skimmers are exceptionally quiet due to the PSK DC pump, rubber connectors and an air intake silencer.

What is the ReefRun DC Pump?

The smart Red Sea ReefRun DC Pumps can be set to a customised daily schedule, and come with 360-degree rotating outlets, inlet flow guides, extra-long power cables with convenient connectors next to the pump and a 5-year warranty.

What is the ReefBeat App?

The ReefBeat app is the single interface for all Red Sea smart devices. All products in the ReefRun family can be combined into your existing ReefBeat ecosystem for more efficient reef-keeping. ReefBeat allows you to fully control your ReefRun system from the palm of your hand, providing you with extra peace of mind - just a quick glance will update you on the status of all your devices.

On the ReefBeat app you can create your unique Feed scenario by switching selected pumps off or run them at different intensities at different times for different durations. Select the order and timing between switching devices back on after a maintenance shutdown, such as allowing a few minutes for your return pump to restore water levels in the sump and aquarium before switching on the skimmer, wave pumps and dosers.

Can I buy the ReefRun products separately?

ReefRun products can also be bought separately here:

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