Reef Factory Magnesium 1000ml

Maintain magnesium levels and promote assimilation of other essential minerals

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  • Promotes growth of coral exoskeletons
  • Aids in the assimilation of other essential minerals
  • Keeps calcium content in check
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What is this mineral supplement from Reef Factory?

This Reef Factory Magnesium mineral supplement is an essential supplement for all marine aquariums. It's part of Reef Factory's Reef Minerals range, which has been expertly designed by chemists and experienced aquarists to help you maintain stable water chemistry parameters in your marine aquarium and, in doing so, simulate a natural environment for your fish, corals and other critters.

The chemical make-up of Reef Factory's Magnesium Minerals will replenish magnesium deficiencies and sudden magnesium drops in your marine aquariums water. For a 100L marine aquarium, just add 10ml of Magnesium Reef Minerals to increase the magnesium (Mg) level by 10mg/L. Before dosing, check the guide on the back of the bottle to make sure you're adding the right amount for your marine aquarium.

For a healthy and balanced reef tank, it's recommended to keep your calcium levels between 1250-1450mg/L. Be sure to also administer Magnesium Reef Minerals gradually and in small portions to protect your reef tanks inhabitants from any excessive stress.

Why should I buy Reef Minerals from Reef Factory?

Reef Factory is a leading manufacturer of Reef Care Products and Smart Devices for marine aquariums. Its range of Reef Minerals, which features 23 different products, is an important part of its Smart Reef 360 method for keeping marine aquariums. This method combines three key elements:

  • Smart Devices - These innovative bits of tech are designed to help you keep a close eye on things like temperature, salinity, pH and TDS (total dissolved solids) inside your marine aquarium.
  • Reef Care Products - These products will let you know when anything is out of the ordinary inside your marine aquarium and which Reef Minerals you'll need to add to bring your water chemistry parameters back to normal levels.
  • Smart Reef App - This intuitive app provides detailed recommendations for dosing Reef Minerals and other supplements, based on your aquariums needs. It can link to your Smart Devices and tell them exactly how much they need to add to your marine aquarium.

Managing your marine aquarium and monitoring its water chemistry parameters is made quick and easy with this Smart Reef 360 method.

Why is magnesium important for my marine aquarium?

In seawater, magnesium occurs in the form of silicate minerals and carbonates. It's an essential element for supporting the growth of various marine organisms, particularly calcareous algaes, mussels and sea urchins, which all consume large amounts of it.

Magnesium also aids in the assimilation of other essential minerals, like calcium and strontium. The relationship between magnesium and calcium is incredibly important. Their levels and ratios relative to one another can have big effects on the health of your marine organisms. Magnesium inhibits the calcification process, reducing the precipitation of calcium in the form of insoluble calcium carbonate. In short, it keeps calcium levels in check.

Together, magnesium and calcium are also responsible for maintaining a stable pH. They can affect the solubility of other essential elements in your water column too, like iodine.


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