Reef Habitat Sump Riser Draw Set

A fantastic way to use the space in your Reef Habitat

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  • A sump riser with built-in drawer
  • Lots of space to store food and treatments
  • A range of sizes to suit the Reef Habitat range
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This is the perfect finishing touch to a Reef Habitat, it looks great and makes great use of the space.

What is a Reef HabitatSump Riser Draw Set?

The Reef Habitat Sump Riser Draw Set is a purpose-built drawer designed for the TMC Reef Habitat range. The drawer sits at the bottom of the Reef Habitat Cabinet in the sump pump chamber. The reinforced drawer slides under the sump, raising it while creating a helpful storage area. The drawer is made from natural light oak and is easy both easy to assemble and install.

What are the benefits of a sump riser?

The sump riser lets you make full use of the space under your Reef Habitat aquaria. It offers lots of space for essential fishkeeping maintenance equipment like fish food and water treatments, so you don't invest in a second cabinet or storage space. The sump riser drawer unit also features the same premium soft close hinges and supreme clean lines as the reef aquarium to maintain a clean and consistent look.



Brand Reef Habitat


SKU Compatible with
3199 Reef Habitat 50
3200 Reef Habitat 60
3201 Reef Habitat 90
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