TMC Reef Habitat 60 Aquarium and Cabinet

A minimalist cabinet and 144 litre marine fish tank combination

At a glance...
  • Minimalist 144l aquarium and cabinet for marine aquariums
  • Includes 39l sump and pipework
  • H:130cm x D:50cm x W:60cm total system measurements

Palletised delivery

Large sizes may be delivered on a pallet for protection in transit.

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A sleek, modern aquarium and cabinet combination with lots of potential.

What is the TMC Reef Habitat 60 Aquarium and Cabinet?

The TMC Reef Habitat 60 Aquarium and Cabinet is a sleek marine aquarium and cabinet set that will look spectacular in any living space. The entire unit has been packed full of modern features, from the premium soft close hinges on the cabinet to the ultra-clear glass used in the marine tank. While it is smaller than most Reef Habitat aquaria, it has all the features you would expect like a built-in sump pump chamber and surface skimming weir at the rear of the tank.

Key Features:

  • 125 litre display tank
  • 144 litre operational system volume
  • H:130cm x D:50cm x W:60cm
  • Fitted with 8mm ultra clear glass
  • Sleek marine tank and cabinet
  • Cabinet fitted with soft close hinges
  • Fitted with a built-in sump pump chamber
  • Provides the best possible viewing experience
  • Features a silent high-flow weir
  • Includes an auto top-up system
  • Available in 4 different colours to best suit your home

What are the benefits of the TMC Reef Habitat 60 Aquarium and Cabinet?

The reef aquarium in this set is made with ultra-clear low iron glass, which offers the best view possible of your aquarium and creates supreme clean lines. At the rear of the tank is the silent high-flow weir which takes water out of the aquarium and down the drain system into the sump pump chamber. The sump chamber features a top-up compartment, for adding an auto top-up system to feed R.O water into the main sump as is required.

The Reef Habitat cabinet also offers innovation, as it features push-to-open catches and premium soft close hinges. While these add a premium feel, they also have a practical benefit, as they ensure your fish aren't disturbed by the banging of the cabinet. 

What options do I have with my TMC Reef Habitat 60 Aquarium and Cabinet?

When you buy your TMC Reef Habitat 60 Aquarium and Cabinet you will be able to choose between four colours of cabinets; gloss white, gloss black, natural light oak and modern limestone. The colours are all neutral and are designed to fit in with a wide range of home decor styles. You can also purchase the optional sump rising drawer (sold separately) which sits beneath your sump and gives you your own slice of storage space for aquarium treatments and additives as well as fish food



Palletised delivery Yes
Ultra Clear Glass Thickness 8mm
Surface Skimming Weir Yes
Main Tank Operating Volume 125L
Sump Volume 39L
Sump Filtration Volume 19L
RO Reservoir 12.5L
Operational System Volume 144L
Tank Width 60cm
Tank Depth 50cm
Tank Height with Cabinet 130cm
Return Pump Water Height 150mm
Skimmer Water Height 150mm
Sump Pump Chamber 150mm x 338mm
Refugium Chamber N/A
Return Pump Hosetail 20mm
Recommended Return Pump Reef Pump 2000*
Recommended Light Reef Photon 84w 1 x Single*
Recommended Skimmer Reef Skim 200 or Reef Skim Pro 300**
Recommended Wave Maker Reef Tide 4000s*
Recommended ATU Reef Fill Compact*


Model Colour
3221/3178 Gloss White
3221/3179 Gloss Black
3221/3180 Oak
3221/3182 Brushed Limestone
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