TMC REEF Photon Connect LED Mono 84w

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TMC REEF Photon Connect LED is Bluetooth Controllable, for aquariums of 50 x 50 x 50cm in size. This compact ultra high output lighting pod has six individually adjustable channels.


  • REEF Photon Connect LED Mono 84w (1x Lighting Pod)
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Product Information

TMC REEF Photon Connect LED is a compact ultra high output lighting pod which is full spectrum reef capable with a 84w max output.

Featuring six individually adjustable channels:

  • Channel 1 - Natural Daylight 6500K
  • Channel 2 - Fiji Blue 445nm
  • Channel 3 - Reef Blue 470nm
  • Channel 4 - Sea Green 505nm + 450nm
  • Channel 5 - NUV 420nm + 400nm
  • Channel 6 - Colour rendition enhancer 6500K, 4000K 660nm mix

Key Features:

  • Uses the latest generation of Cree and Osram LEDs.
  • Even colour blending and light distribution throughout aquarium thanks to unique, high quality, aspherical optics.
  • Built in Bluetooth, for easy control and programming via the App (iOS and Android).
  • Very easy app control and programming.
  • Full colour and timing control for daylight simulation.
  • Light spectrum can be tuned by specifying water depth via the App.
  • Natural reef pre-sets via geolocation.
  • Pair multiple lights together without the need for additional controller.
  • Supplied with adjustable aquarium mounting bracket.
  • Quiet, thermally controlled, user replaceable fan which includes an in-app temperature read out.
  • Use 1 light per 40 to 60cm Squared of water surface
  • Optimum aquarium size per light 50cm x 50cm x 50cm.

Optimum Aquarium Size Max LED Power Total Power Consumption Total Luminous Flux Power Light Dimensions
Reef Photon Connect LED 1x Lighting Pod 50 x 50 x 50cm 84w 72w 3283 100-240v 50-60Hz 109 x 109 x 50mm

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