Red Sea ReefLED Universal Mounting Arm

An adjustable mounting arm designed for use with Red Sea's ReefLEDs

At a glance...
  • Ideal solution for mounting Red Sea's ReefLED light units
  • Can be adjusted to upright position, making maintenance easy
  • Suitable for mounting on aquarium glass 8-19mm thick

What are these ReefLED Universal Mounting Arms from Red Sea?

These ReefLED Universal Mounting Arms are specially designed mounting solutions for Red Sea's premium range of ReefLED light units. They're easy to install and hold your ReefLED at just the right height to optimise light spread and intensity.

Available in three different models, each ReefLED Universal Mounting Arm is designed to be partnered with their respective ReefLEDs. The ReefLED 50 model can be rotated sideways, while the ReefLED 90 and ReefLED 160S models have a central hinge that allows them to be adjusted to an upright position. This is a great feature, giving you easy access to your reef tank during maintenance sessions.

How do I install a ReefLED Universal Mounting Arm on my aquarium?

To attach your ReefLED Universal Mounting Arm to your aquarium, simply loosen the screws on the back of the mounting bracket and place it over the rim of your aquarium. These mounting brackets are adjustable and suitable for mounting on aquarium glass 8-19mm thick.

If you're attaching just a single mounting arm and ReefLED to your aquarium, then its recommended that you mount it as centrally as possible. Once you've done that, just tighten the screws on the back of the mounting bracket to ensure a sturdy connection.

Once your ReefLED Universal Mounting Arm has been installed, you can adjust it to suit your reef tank's width. These mounting arms can be adjusted to suit the following tank widths:

  • ReefLED 50 Universal Mounting Arm: 36-51cm
  • ReefLED 90 Universal Mounting Arm: 46-70cm
  • ReefLED 160S Universal Mounting Arm: 57-80cm

For more detailed information, consult the instruction booklet provided with the ReefLED Universal Mounting Arm.

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