CaribSea Arag-alive Aragonite Reef Sand Bahamas Oolite

Active sand substrate for use in all marine and reef tanks

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  • Sand substrate packed in real sea water
  • Promotes healthy growth of corals
  • Supports biological filtration
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The Arag-Alive Aragonite Reef Sand Bahamas Oolite is part of the CaribSea Aragalive range of live sands. The pure, creamy white colour gives more than a hint of tropical beaches.

Packed in real sea water, this live product is designed to not only provide an attractive substrate to your tank, but also supports the natural balance. It buffers the pH value and maintains the ideal 8.2 level.

It contains natural bacteria that would be found in the natural environment, which has many benefits:

  • Promotes healthy growth of corals
  • Discourages nuisance algae
  • Supports biological filtration
  • Lessens the risk of new tank syndrome by reducing nitrates and nitrites

This active sand can be used all marine and reef tanks, including nitrate reduction beds and sumps.

Key Features:

  • Free bio-magnet clarifier clears water fast
  • Packed in real seawater
  • Buffers for all aquariums to a pH of 8.2
  • Safe for inverts
  • Prevents new tank syndrome
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