TMC Reef Tide Slimline DC Pump

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TMC Reef Tide Low Voltage Slimline DC Pump comes in 4 different sizes. The compact design makes this pump suitable for a aquariums, even with limited space.


  • Reef Tide 4000s DC Pump
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  • Reef Tide 8000s DC Pump
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  • Reef Tide 16000s DC Pump
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  • Reef Tide 24000s DC Pump
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Product Information

The Reef Tide pumps are a high flow water circulation pump which has been designed for any tank including those with limited space.

There are four pre-set waves with controller supplied, Pulse, Surge, Continuous Stream and Random. The innovative impeller replicates natural wave patterns.

Multiple time settings with push button 10 minute feed timer. Quick and easy magnet mount to glass or acrylic up to 15mm thick.

Key Features:

  • High flow / low voltage DC water circulation pumps
  • Compact design
  • Four wave options (controller supplied)
  • Designed to replicate natural wave patterns
  • Multiple time settings with push button 10 minute feed timer
  • Magnet mount for glass or acrylic

MODEL 4000 8000 16000 24000
Flow Rate 4000 L/H 8000 L/H 16000 L/H 24000 L/H
Min. Power 3w< 6w< 6w< 10w<
Max. Power >9w >20w >40w >70w
Voltage DC12v DC24v DC24v DV24v
Diameter 48mm 61mm 73mm 102mm
Height 49mm 65mm 73mm 94mm

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