Red Sea ReefWave Pump

Stimulate your fish with oceanic flows

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  • Innovative smart wave pump for marine aquariums
  • Control via dedicated controller or smart app
  • A range of models to suit all aquariums
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What are these ReefWave Pumps from Red Sea?

Red Sea's ReefWave pumps provide an optimal REEF-SPEC water flow for corals in a wide range of reefscapes, regardless of their location in your aquarium. The combination of an advanced, smooth-running and energy efficient sine-wave motor drive, with superior vibration damping mounts and dual bearings on all models, make ReefWaves nearly silent pulsing wave pumps.

Each ReefWave pump comes with its own controller that has a wide range of on-board preset waves, as well as built-in WI-FI that connects it to Red Sea's ReefBeat app, seamlessly integrating ReefWave with all of Red Sea's connected devices.

What are the key features of these ReefWave Pumps?

  • Cross-flow technology wave pump for a gentle, evenly distributed flow.
  • Silent and energy efficient Sine-Wave DC control motor.
  • 5 programmable wave patterns with unique Forward/Reverse/Alternating flow modes.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly for maintenance.
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi controller for each pump.
  • Synchronise multiple pumps of different sizes.
  • ReefBeat App for easy set-up, operation, monitoring and notification.

What are the benefits of the ReefBeat app?

One interface for all of Red Sea's smart devices, providing:

  • Peace of Mind - ReefBeat is continuously in contact with your ReefWave pumps and will send you a notification whenever communication is lost.
  • Feed Mode - A quick and simple way to turn off a specific pump for a user-defined period while feeding your fish or corals. You can set different 'OFF' periods for each pump.
  • Daily Schedule - ReefBeat stores as many custom programs as you wish to create. Using the daily schedule, you can set up to 10 distinct wave types a day, with different pump intensities.
  • Customised Waves - Create multiple customised versions of each wave type and store them in your personal Wave Library. You can then edit, delete, select or preview the customised waves applied directly to your pumps or aquariums in the 24 hour schedule.
Product Max. flow rate Power consumption Dimensions Recommended aquarium size Max. glass thickness Cable length
ReefWave 25 7,500lph 4-25W L:23cm x H:4cm x W:7cm 45-120cm/1.5-4ft 15mm 3m
ReefWave 45 15,000lph 8-45W L31.5cm x H:5cm x W:8cm 60-200cm/2-6ft 20mm 3m
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