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At a glance...
  • Colour enhancing pellet food for Koi
  • Easily digestible with probiotics added
  • Can be used as a staple diet
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A high-quality colour-enhancing feed for Koi and other pond fish.

What is Saki Hikari Color Enhancing Koi food?

Saki Hikari Colour Enhancing is a colour enhancing daily diet for Koi. It comes in a variety of pellet sizes and is easily digestible. This scientifically formulated diet features a vitamin e supplement with added probiotics.

What are the benefits of colour enhancing Koi food?

Saki Hikari Colour Enhancing Koi food is a uniquely blended formulation offering a unique balance of proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and fats to offer your Koi their best chance at the excellent form and championship-grade colour. It enhances the colour of the Hiban (red areas) without negatively impacting the Shiroji (white areas). This probiotic enhancing diet will result in a brilliant sheen and consistent growth without the risk of internal fat deposits building up.

Saki Hikari is most effective when consumed without interruption as an exclusive daily diet. For best results use Saki Hikari Color Enhancing Koi food when your pond water temperature is always above 18°C. You should always avoid over-feeding and never leave uneaten food in your pond after the feeding period.


Feeding guide

Use as a daily diet for championship grade Koi or Koi with championship potential who need some help in developing their natural beauty and colour.

Depending on the water temperature, the pond's condition, and your fish's activity level, carefully feed the amount your fish will consume within a few minutes.


Crude protein Min. 40%
Crude fat Min. 6%
Crude fibre Max. 2.0%
Ash Max. 10%
Phosphorus Min. 15%
Moisture Max. 1.2%
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