Seachem Alert pH and Ammonia 1 Year Pack

Hassle-free and cost-effective year-round testing

At a glance...
  • Year-round in-tank pH and ammonia tests
  • Easy and cost-effective home testing
  • Small enough to not obstruct your view of the tank
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What is the Seachem Alert Combo Pack?

Seachem Alert Combo Pack are small test cards that check levels of both pH and ammonia. Both of the tests last up to a year and are simple to read for hassle-free and cost-effective testing. 

Key Features:

  • Checks the pH levels and the ammonia
  • Tests last up to a year
  • Simple to read and hassle free
  • Cost-effective testing
  • Tests will alert you to toxic levels within half an hour of detection
  • Can be placed anywhere on the tanks glass to allow for easy viewing
  • When the pH and ammonia are at a safe level again, they will change back to their original colour

How do set up these tests?

When placed anywhere visible in the aquarium or filter, the ammonia and pH tests will reversibly change colours to indicate when the levels of each become toxic to the aquarium. The response time for each is slightly different, but the tests will alert you to toxic levels within half an hour of detection, and after the levels have been corrected, will change back, indicating safe levels of pH and ammonia.

What are the benefits of this pack?

The Seachem Alert pack is the easiest way to test water levels. As it lasts for an entire year, this is a very cost-effective way to ensure the safety of your aquarium, as well as being able to be checked at a glance, creating a hassle-free way to test regularly too. 

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