Seachem Arowana Buffer

Creates ideal environment for Asian Arowanas

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  • Adjusts pH to 6.5
  • Softens water
  • Enhances immunity
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What is Seachem Arowana Buffer?

Seachem Arowana Buffer adjusts pH to 6.5 from either a low or high pH and maintains it there for 2–4 weeks. It safely softens water by precipitating calcium and magnesium. It also supports the ability of arowanas to resist infections. It is the buffer-of-choice for conditioning water for Asian Arowanas.

How do I use Seachem Arowana Buffer?

Use 1 level teaspoon for every 40 L (10 gallons) once or twice a month (or as necessary to maintain a pH of 6.5.) Arowana Buffer™ may be initially used daily in cases of high alkalinity until 6.5 is established. It may be added directly to the aquarium at any time. Ideally, it should be used when adding or changing water by dissolving in the replacement water.

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