Seachem Marine Buffer

Create the optimum environment for marine corals and fish

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  • Marine aquarium buffer
  • Safely raises and maintains pH to 8.3
  • Ensure the most stable and beneficial water conditions
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Seachem Marine Buffer is the safe and stable way of raising marine pH to 8.3 in your aquarium. With years of research and expertise in aquatic treatments, you can be confident of the best results.

Marine Buffer is a blend of sodium, magnesium, calcium, strontium, and potassium salts of carbonate, bicarbonate, chloride, sulfate, and borate. This combination works perfectly together to ensure the most stable and beneficial water conditions.

Marine Buffer was the first buffer on the market which contained borate salts (which make a saltwater buffering system much more stable), and it remains the most effective pH buffer available for marine aquariums.


  1. Add 5 g (1 level teaspoon) for each 80 L.
  2. Dissolve in at least one cup of freshwater - this dose will also raise alkalinity by about 1 meq/l.
  3. Add daily until pH stabilizes at 8.3.
  4. This will take from a day to a week, depending on original pH and alkalinity.
  5. From then on use monthly to maintain a pH of 8.3.
  6. If you find this inadequate, check other reasons such as over stocking or over feeding.
  7. Effectiveness improves with continued use.

Do not directly mix with any calcium, magnesium, or strontium supplement.

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