Seachem Pearl Beach

A natural substrate that stabilises calcium and alkaline levels

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  • Stabilises calcium and alkalinity levels
  • Prevents against large pH declines
  • For all types of marine, reef and tropical aquariums
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What is the Seachem Pearl Beach?

The Seachem Pearl Beach is a natural substrate suitable for all types of aquariums, however, it is especially recommended for marine tanks as Its chemical composition will prevent large pH declines and will in assist in stabilising calcium and the alkalinity of your aquarium. Seachem Pearl Beach is a 'dry' substrate, so you won't be paying for any excess water weight, whilst the substrate still contains all the beneficial bacteria that can be found throughout dry and wet substrates.

What are the benefits of this substrate?

  • Sold as 'dry' so you won't have to pay for water weight
  • Use a product such as Seachem Stability to shorten the tank cycle time
  • Stabilises calcium and alkalinity levels
  • Prevents large pH declines
  • Contains beneficial bacteria
  • Beautiful colour to reflect the natural ocean
  • Adds a contrast from the vibrant reef colours
  • Supports a healthy environment

How will this help your aquarium?

The natural colours of this substrate reflect the underwater environment, and provide striking contrasts with your reef, allowing your reef to look as vibrant as ever. Seachem Pearl Beach is a fantastic choice in marine aquariums as it stabilises calcium levels which will help boost coral growth, and the alkilinity levels of your waters will also be kept stable, which helps with the general health and wellbeing of a tank, providing your aquatic life with a healty environment.

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