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Fish Tank Week, PLUS get £12 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

Seneye Web Server (SWS)

Control your Seneye products with just your phone

At a glance...
  • Web server for connecting Seneye products to smart devices
  • Offers a reliable connection to the Seneye Cloud without a computer
  • Pack includes server, power supply, power cable and ethernet cable
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The Seneye Web Server (SWS) allows people without a PC to use a Seneye USB device and get their results direct to their smart phone, tablet or computer.

There are two SWS versions. Both have an Ethernet port and one also has Wi-Fi module. Once connected to your wireless internet router. monitoring commences immediately, and you can view the results anywhere in the world!

Web servers are now available in packs with USB sensor devices. One is the Seneye Pond pack and the other is the Reef.

Key Features & Benefits:-

  • Reliable connection to the Seneye Cloud
  • Computer less operation
  • Plug and play
  • 4x expansion ports
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi models
  • Fast reactions
  • Low power consumption
  • Ready for future add-ons
  • This version uses an ethernet connected to your internet router. Once connected you will get instant monitoring, not just across your home, but also the world via the Seneye cloud.
  • A Wi-Fi module can be added to this product.

Pack Contents:

  • Seneye Web Server
  • Power supply
  • 1m Power cable
  • 1m Ethernet cable
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