Swell Air Stone Half Can

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Swell Air Stone Half Can measures 5cm in length and paired with the right airpump can deliver a huge amount of oxygenating air into your pond.


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Product Information

The Swell Air Stone 'Half Can' stones are solid reliable air stones at 5cm in size. Perfect when used with an air pump and airline (not included) to create a stream of bubbles in your pond.

Using an air stone distributes the oxygen in the water around more evenly. This supports biological filtration, boosts water health and ensures that your fish and pond plants thrive.

Made from solid, hard wearing ceramic compound, these stones are designed to offer the best long lasting performance possible.

Key Features:

  • The high quality and long life air stones are made from a refined ceramic compound.
  • They produce very fine aeration and can be used in conjunction with any good air pump.
  • All of the ceramic air products have plastic end housings which protect the air stone against abrasive contact from any surrounding surfaces.
  • This added protection provides long life and trouble free operation.
  • Airstone size: 48mm x 48mm (H x DIA).
  • To fit airline: 4/6mm

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