Swell Double Sided Cleaning Pads

A multi-purpose cleaning brush for all aquarium keepers

At a glance...
  • Versatile cleaning pad for all kinds of aquariums
  • Comes with two types of pad: soft and coarse
  • Algae scraper included
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Our Swell Double Sided Cleaning Pads strike a great balance between value and performance. Their dual-pad design makes them great tools for removing anything from soft, fluffy algae to stuck-on grime from the inside surfaces of your aquarium. They also come with a handy scraper to help you remove stubborn patches of algae that don't quite come off with a sponge.

It's not exactly glamorous, but cleaning is an essential part of maintaining an aquarium. These Swell Double Sided Cleaning Pads make that process quick and easy, thanks to their long plastic handles that allow you to access almost all areas of your aquarium. These brushes are available in two different sizes: 60cm and 70cm.


Product Specifications

Product Handle Length Sponges Included Scraper Included
Swell Double Sided Cleaning Pads 60cm 60cm Soft and Coarse Yes
Swell Double Sided Cleaning Pads 70cm 70cm Soft and Coarse Yes
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