Swell Glimmer Wood Rock 0.8kg-2.7kg

Hardscape rock for creating stunning aquascapes

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  • Aquarium hardscape rock for all aquarium set ups
  • Unique and layered aquarium decoration
  • Can be placed horizontally or vertically
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These stones have an immediate impact on any aquascape, creating an eye-catching aquascape.

What is Swell Glimmer Wood Rock?

Swell Glimmer Wood Rock is an aquarium rock perfect for hardscaping your aquarium. In a grey colour with a glimmer effect throughout, this aquascaping rock is suitable for all aquariums including planted aquariums, tropical aquariums and more. Swell Glimmer Wood Rock is versatile as it can be placed horizontally or vertically in your tank allowing you to unleash your underworld creativity.

Swell Glimmer Wood Rock is a natural product, meaning the shape and size is irregular. Colours vary and sizes are approximate, as no two pieces are the same, ensuring that each piece will be unique.

How do I aquascape my aquarium?

Aquascaping your aquarium is a matter of personal choice. Depending on the size of your aquarium, you’ll need to decide on how much rock you require for creating a landscape. To create a more natural appearance, we recommend using rocks and wood of the same type.

A deep layer of aquarium substrate should cushion large, heavy rocks. Using deep substrates for your aquarium can make it easier to place angled rocks, which can provide a more natural look for your fish. An Iwagumi aquascape features rocks as the centrepiece and carpet plants on the substrate. This style of aquascaping is popular among aquarists.

What other aquarium decor do I need?

Plants complement aquarium rocks and can be used to create a mountain-like scene in your aquarium, so you may want to surround rocks with aquarium plants to soften rock structures and create an impressive backdrop for your fish to swim against. If you want to achieve a natural aesthetic with your aquascape, you can add pieces of driftwood to help offset the light grey colours that Swell Glimmer Wood Rock has.

Suitable for All aquarium types
Colour Grey
Fish safe Yes
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