Swell Heavy Duty Pond Nets

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Multiple options of Interchangeable heavy duty pond nets to suit various kinds of maintenance on your pond.


  • Heavy Duty - 40cm Catch Net
    code: Net424 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • Heavy Duty - 60cm Round Koi Net
    code: Net416 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • Heavy Duty - 80cm Round Koi Net
    code: Net425 Out of stock (Notify me)
  • Heavy Duty - Skimmer Net
    code: Net447 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • Heavy Duty - Sludge/Skimmer Net
    code: Net446 In Stock (10+ Available)
  • Heavy Duty - Telescopic Pole 3m (Max)
    code: Net400 In Stock (10+ Available)

Product Information

The Swell Range of heavy duty pond nets are extra tough, reliable and designed for serious pond keepers. These nets feature a unique "click fast" attachment so you can change to different sizes and types of nets in a matter of seconds. The clip system is located at the joining of the net to pole making this point a lot stronger, whereas some nets get let down on this weak point.

Each net type is different in size to suit different jobs in your pond. For instance, the large round pan net is great for skimming the surface of larger leaves and the deeper catch net is good for catching fish. All three of these nets attach on top of a strong, lightweight aluminium pole which features a luxurious non slip handle for comfort. The pole itself can be compacted to a size of 1.1m, but can extend to a maximum of 3 meters in length, ideal for even the largest of ponds.

Nets and pole sold separately.

Nets sizes available:

  • Koi Head Net - Round - 60cm
  • Koi Head Net - Round - 80cm
  • Head Catch Net - 40cm
  • Sludge/Skimmer Net - 40cm
  • Spade Shape Skimmer Net

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