Swell Indian Almond Catappa Leaves

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Indian Almond Leaves, or Catappa Leaves, are perfect for freshwater aquarium to provide natural water conditioning and a natural habitat for biotopes.


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Product Information

Our Catappa leaves are naturally harvested and dried, and contain no pesticides. Ideal for naturally conditioning your water, these help to create a biotope for many species. They not only offer something to the actual water, but also provide hiding areas and a natural behaviour for fish and other inhabitants as well, adding enrichment.

Indian Almond Leaves contain a tanning agent that will discolour your water, but this creates a natural looking environment as well as boosting mucous production, which aids in preventing diseases. They are ideal for shrimp and other invertebrates to feed from, and can be left in as a food source. Once added, they will take 1 - 2 days to sink to the bottom of the aquarium, and will be releasing active substances for around 1 - 3 weeks. At this point, you can remove and replace, or leave to be eaten and just add new leaves. If you want, you can boil the leaves before hand to ensure they sink straight away, but this will also remove some of that natural goodness that you want, so try to be patient with Catappa leaves instead.

Available from Swell in two sizes, and in a pack of 10, these promote well being and encourage spawning too! The tannins contain antibacterial and antifungal properties, giving your fish and other aquarium inhabitants a natural level of protection, with no extra chemicals!

These are natural leaves and so will vary from piece to piece, but approximate dimensions are:

  • Large - 17cm x 8cm
  • Small - 13cm x 6cm

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