Swell Jumbo Filter Bundle

Replacement filter media compatible with the Juwel Jumbo Foams

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  • Replacement filter media foams
  • Comes with all jumbo foams available
  • Compatible with Juwel Jumbo foams
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What is the Swell Jumbo Filter Bundle?

The replacement foams are filter media that are compatible with the Juwel Jumbo Foams for the Bioflow 8.0 filter.

All of the media will lower the risk of algae while also removing waste, debris and pollutants.

What is included in the kit?

The filters in this range provide many different benefits:

  • Jumbo Filter Wool - Serves as a polisher catching the largest pieces of debris.
  • Jumbo Filter Carbon - Absorbs odours and some chemical compounds.
  • Jumbo Fine - Supports biological filtration colonies.
  • Jumbo Coarse - Used for both mechanical and biological filtration colonies.
  • Jumbo Nitrate - Breaks down ammonium and nitrate compounds which are hazardous to fish and marine life.
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