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Fish Tank Week, PLUS get £12 EXTRA OFF - SEE CODES >

Swell Plastic Bucket

High-quality bucket for all your pond maintenance needs

At a glance...
  • Strong, sturdy plastic bucket for ponds maintenance
  • Durable built-in handle
  • A variety of sizes to stock up on
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The Swell Plastic Buckets are ideal for use with aquariums and ponds, and provide a host of uses for you. From the obvious of carrying water either from your tank, or fresh clean water to it, through to storage for everything you need for the tank.

Our round pail buckets are tried and trusted, and perfect for transporting liquids. They are made of a food-safe plastic, and come complete with lid for sealing if you need, making it ideal for storing and tidying away all your equipment when not in use.

The Swell bucket is available in four sizes to suit you, from 7.4l yp to 32l. The three larger sizes each come with a robust metal handle, so you can be confident when carrying later volumes of water.

The smaller buckets are perfect for smaller tanks, or those larger ones that may require frequent maintaince. These are perfect for taking a small volume out to premix any treatments or additives, before adding it back in a safe and diluated state to your aquarium or pond. The use of the lid also means this is great for storing all these smaller bottles of treatments, tap safe dechlorinater and similar items.

The larger buckets are great for larger tanks that require more water to be changed, or for marine aquariums to mix saltwater up in. These are large enough to run a small powerhead for optimum and thorough mixing of your salt, and can have the lid put back on to prevent any contaminants from getting to the water whilst it is getting ready.

Size External dimensions Internal height Volume Weight capacity Handle
7.4l 26.7cm x 18cm 16.3cm 7.4l 11.1kg Yes, plastic
12.8l 29.3cm x 26cm 24.2cm 12l 19.2kg Yes, metal
22l 37.5cm x 27cm 25cm 22l 33kg Yes, metal
32l 37.5cm x 39.6cm 37.4cm 32l 48kg Yes, metal
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