Swell Pro Series Pond Salt

Tonic pond salt for treating fish and improving pond health

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  • Tonic salt for improving pond health
  • Includes vitamins to help protect fish
  • Treats 500 litres of pond water
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Pure salt for use in koi ponds to treat parasites.

What is Swell Pro Series Pond Salt?

Swell Pro Series Pond Salt is designed to help protect fish from toxic nitrite and aids recovery when sick fish are being treated for various diseases. Tonic salt helps to improve colour, stimulate mucus slime coat production and support your fish’s immune system. Harmless to fish, aquatic plants wildlife and pond filters, the Swell Pond Salt is easy to use for any pond owner, treats 500 litres of pond water and is suitable for all types of ponds.

What are the benefits of using pond salt?

The Swell Pro Series Pond Salt has many benefits. Assuring total pond health, the Swell Pond Salt contains added vitamins and minerals and acts as a hidden barrier to protect all livestock and pond plants in your pond. Pond salt reduces the toxicity of nitrite in pond water and helps fish recover from diseases and illnesses by supporting their osmoregulation.

Is this salt treatment suitable for Koi ponds?

Yes, pond salt promotes the formation of a thick slime coat on your Koi, which protects it from parasites, bacteria, and other toxins in the water. Furthermore, it adds beneficial electrolytes to the water, which aid in a variety of bodily functions.

Directions for use:

Swell Pro Series Pond Salt will treat 500 litres at a dose rate of 1 g per litre of water. Up to 2 g per litre can be used to aid recovery in fish with open wounds. Simply dissolve the required amount into a bucket of pond water and pour it into an area where pond water is circulated. In very cold weather add a double dose for extra protection.

Bag size 500 g
Treats 500 litres
Suitable for All pond types
Fish safe Yes
Pond plant safe Yes
Wildlife safe Yes

Keep away from children and pets and always wash your hands after use. Intended for pond use only.

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