Blagdon Pond Guardian Salt

Keep the chemical balance in your pond just right

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  • Essential physiological salts to promote pond fish health
  • Mild pH buffer
  • Protects fish against disease
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Blagdon Pond Guardian helps fish to maintain a stable internal salt and fluid balance, which is essential for fish health.

This unique balanced formulation of essential physiological salts promotes the best fish health, all year round. It also has a built in pH buffer which lessens the risk of pH swings which can cause stress to fish.

It also acts as a supportive treatment when disease treating. Take a look at the full Blagdon range of pond treatments for Anti Fungus, Fresh Start, and Anti Parasite treatments and many more.

Directions for use: 1g of pond salt per litre of pond water.

Key Features:

  • Essential physiological salts to promote pond fish health.
  • Mild pH buffer.
  • Protects fish against disease.
  • Easy to use - can be added directly to a pond.
Product Treats Weight
Pond Guardian Salt 2.27kg 2273 ltrs / 500 gal 2.27kg
Pond Guardian Salt 9.08kg 9092ltrs / 2000 gal 9.08kg
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