Swell Variable Pump Impeller

Replacement impellers for variable pumps in the Swell Variable Pump range

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  • Replacement impeller for Swell Variable Pump
  • Purpose-built for Swell Variable pump
  • A range of sizes to suit all models
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What is a Swell Variable Pump Impeller?

Swell Variable Pump Impellers are replacement impellers for variable pumps in the Swell Variable Pump range. This is a spare part that can replace a missing or damaged impeller to keep your filter pump running smoothly. Impellers are consumable parts in pond pumps so they often need replacement over time. The impellers have been designed specifically to work with the Swell Variable Pump and so they are easy to install and use.

Key features:

  • Perfect for the Swell Variable Pump range
  • Easy to install and use
  • Keeps your pump running smoothly

How do you install the impeller?

If you have a damaged impeller, simply switch off the variable pump, disconnect it from your water course and empty it of water. Then open the impeller chamber and remove the damaged impeller, taking care of any broken parts that might scratch you, and ensure that all fragments of the impeller have been removed. Simply replace the new impeller in the place of the old impeller then seal the impeller chamber and reattach it to your watercourse.

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