Tetra Wafer Mix

Complete food for all bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans

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  • Wafer mix offering a nutritionally balanced diet for bottom-feeding fish
  • With Shrimps for healthy growth
  • With Spirulina algae for improved resistance
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Tetra Wafer Mix consist of two types of wafer, one for herbivores and one for all other fish.

Easy to eat and digest, these handy wafers retain their shape for longer, which means that all bottom dwellers and other level fish get enough to eat.

Smaller than the traditional types, more can be added so that the competition for food is reduced. This means that more timid fish still get their fair share.

Directions for use: Add little and often, removing all uneaten food after 20 minutes. For more nocturnal fish and those that are more timid, feed after dark.

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