TMC V2React 300 Compact Calcium Reactor

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TMC V2React 300 Compact Calcium Reactor works externally from your tank to help perfect the water chemistry in your marine aquarium, making it ideal for coral growth and the lives of the fish that make it a home. Get yours at the best prices from Swell UK.


  • V2React 300 Compact Calcium Reactor
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Product Information

The V2 React 300 is a compact calcium reactor that comes with everything you need to provide your marine aquarium with calcium.

The external reactor simply clips to the side of your tank, saving you vital space in your fish tank. It is ideal for aquariums up to 300 litres (66 UK gallons).

It comes with an integral pump, so you simply clip the water supply intake strainer inside your aquarium or sump with the suction cup.

The V2 React comes with a CO2 cylinder so you don't have to buy that separately.

The CO2 is taken into the reactor and water is introduced at a slow rate. The low pH of the CO2 dissolves the calcium carbonate which is then released into your aquarium, giving valuable calcium to your coral reefs and fish.

For your calcium carbonate we recommend a product such as the Aquamedic Hydrocarbonate.

Key Features:

  • Space saving hang-on design
  • Slimline profile - can be discreetly and conveniently positioned on the back or side of any aquarium or sump up to 300ltrs
  • Integral pump acts as both a supply and recirculation pump - so no need for a second pump
  • Unique integrated bubble counter makes it easy to measure the level of CO2 being dosed

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