Triton ICP-OES Seawater Analysis

Send your marine aquarium water away for professional testing

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  • Professional seawater analysis kit for marine aquariums
  • Sample your water and send it away for lab analysis
  • Gives you a comprehensive view of your water quality
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Each TRITON LAB ICP water analysis provides an accurate snapshot of the water quality in your system. Triton analyse a comprehensive suite of macro and trace elements crucial to healthy function of your reef system:
Sodium(Na), Calcium(Ca), Magnesium(Mg), Potassium(K), Strontium(Sr), Boron(B), Bromine(Br), Sulphur(S), Lithium(Li), Beryllium(Be), Barium(Ba), Titanium(Ti), Vanadium(V), Chromium(Cr), Manganese(Mn), Iron(Fe), Cobalt(Co), Nickel(Ni), Copper(Cu), Zinc(Zn), Aluminium(Al), Silicon(Si), Arsenic(As), Antimony(Sb), Tin(Sn), Cadmium(Cd), Selenium(Se), Molybdenum(Mo), Mercury(Hg), Phosphorus(P), Phosphate(PO4), Lead (Pb), Iodine(I), Tungsten(W), Scandium(Sc), Lanthanum(La).

Important notes for usage:

Please ensure that you follow the instructions on the card provided with your test kit. If your sample does not have the correct postage attached or the barcode is not connected to your aquarium profile then you could experience delays in receiving your sample analysis.

How to use ICP-OES testing?
Inside each test packet you will find 2 sample vials with sticky labels a security card (which must stay with the samples) or a unique barcode, and finally a forwarding address label which should be attached to the provided envelope (Postage is NOT included).

Press the New Aquarium button, here you can name the aquarium and enter the system volume,it is important to be as accurate as possible here as this will affect any recommended doses later. Once you have created the aquarium that aquarium will be given a number, this is made up of your customer number and a letter, XXXXA, you can create many aquariums XXXXB XXXXC and so on. This is the number that you will write onto your sample.

If you have purchased one of the old style tests with the security card then put both samples along with the card into the envelope, attach the postage label and correct postage payment. If you have purchased one of the new style barcode tests then on the "Your aquaria" page click the "connect barcode" buton next to the corresponding aquarium that the sample has been taken from. The next page you can enter barcode number then click "Connect".

Once you have completed the above then post the envelope as you would a normal letter. They will then be sent to the regional wholesalers and in the case of the new "barcode test" you will receive an email update that it has arrived safely. These tests are then sent to the Triton Lab in Germany on set days throughout the week. Again if you are using the new tests you will receive an email stating that they have arrived at the lab. Please allow 2-3 days from when your sample has arrived at the lab until results are published. This can be longer during busy times. Finally you will receive an email confirming that your results are uploaded and ready to view. The whole process from postage to results should take no longer than 10-14 business days but is often a lot quicker depending on postage delays.

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