Triton Reagents Reef Supplements Core7 - 5 Litres

Everything you need for successful reef dosing

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  • 5 litre reef supplements for reef aquarium dosing
  • Ready to us with no need to dilute
  • Includes carbonate, calcium, magnesium, strontium and more
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A complete suite of dosing solutions designed to supplement and maintain near natural sea water parameters for reef aquaria using other reefkeeping methods (non-TRITON Method). Using CORE7 Reef Supplements aquarists can now have the benefits of TRITON's advanced supplement formulation and ease-of-use without having to follow the TRITON Method itself. CORE7 is revolutionary because they are the most concentrated solutions ever developed, no other supplementation method in the world comes close in terms of value and stability. They do not need to be diluted, they can be used direct from the bottle saving space and eliminating the hassle / mess of preparation. CORE7 solutions have been re-formulated to be even more stable and include a raised pH to promote coral growth.

Core7 Reef Supplements are a complete supply for your aquarium and can be used as a substitute for a calcium reactor, 2-Part method or methods based on the H.W. Balling Method. They contain macro and trace elements for a healthy reef aquarium. TRITON Core7 Reef Supplements are suitable for all aquarium systems, regardless of the method. Included are, for example Carbonate, calcium, magnesium, strontium, boron, bromine, sulfate and other important trace elements. This is identified by the Green label stating "For Other Methods".

Important Notes for Usage:
Please do not dose the TRITON Core7 Reef Supplements simultaneously or mix the solutions, with the exception of 3A and 3B. Core7 Reef Supplements should be dosed into an area of high current, preferably into the sump or filter. There should be a minimum of 5 minutes between dosing each solution.
The maximum single dosage should not exceed 4ml per 100L of aquarium water. Any dosage of a higher amount should be split into multiple doses throughout the day. Triton recommend that doses are administered via a reliable dosing pump.
If changing over from using the original Base Elements to the Core7 your current dose should be divided by 7. So for example if you are currently dosing 70ml your Core7 dose will be 10ml. We recommend daily Alkalinity testing for the first week until the dose has settled down as the dose may go up or down.
Note, dosing containers should be thoroughly cleaned and dosing tubes replaced as Core7 will react with the old Base Elements solutions.

How to use:

Core7 Reef Supplements are dosed as follows:
Initial dose is 2ml per 100l aquarium volume of each bottle.
Dosage should be the same for each of the Core7 solutions, 1, 2, 3A and 3B. After a day carbonate hardness should be measured, the target should be 8dKH. If the carbonate hardness falls (as of 8dKH to 7dKH), the dosage should be increased. If the carbonate hardness increases (e.g. 8dKH on 9dKH), then the dosage should be reduced.

Further Information:

For mixing 3A and 3B:
Should you wish to combine 3A and 3B together in order to save a dosing unit, please note that solution must dispensed at twice the amount of the others.

Sample calculation:
100ml Core7 Reef Supplement 1, 100ml Core7 Reef Supplement 2, 200ml Core7 Reef Supplement 3a + 3b mixed

To Dilute:
Core7 Reef Supplement can be diluted to increase the single daily dose or when the tank is smaller in order to compensate the dosage in accuracy of dosing pumps. Only ultrapure RO/DI water should be used.

Storage Instructions:
Core7 liquid solutions must be stored above 15°C

Bottle Contents:
Number 1 = Magnesium + Traces
Number 2 = Calcium + Traces
Number 3A = Alkalinity + Traces
Number 3B = Alkalinity + Traces

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