Triton Trace Cobalt

Improve the concentration of cobalt in your marine aquarium

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  • Cobalt-based seawater supplement for marine aquariums
  • Beneficial for coral health and colour
  • Designed for use with the Triton Lab ICP test kit
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Cobalt trace element seawater supplement. Beneficial for SPS/LPS coral colour and health. Caution: to be used by advanced aquarists only.

When used in conjunction with TRITON Lab ICP testing aquarists are now able to make targeted single element adjustments. Only TRITON delivers advanced aquarium husbandry with ease of use.

The TRITON macro and trace element supplements range is supported by over a decade of scientific research into the chemistry of natural and closed system seawater. With ten's of thousands of seawater analyses modelled for elemental behaviour and interaction, nobody understands seawater like TRITON.

Cobalt is an extremely dangerous element if dosed incorrectly in the aquarium. Only to be used by advanced users.

Extreme caution should be exercised when dosing Cobalt. Dose 1ml per 1000L and test with Triton ICP-OES Seawater Analysis regularly, if Cobalt appears in ICPOES analysis stop dosing immediately. The dose can be increased to a maximum of three times using the same procedure of 1ml per 1000L and regular ICP-OES testing.

Additional Information:

  • Care should be taken not to carry out too many adjustments at the same time because of the risk of elements reacting with one another.
  • Dose into an area of high flow.
  • Leave 5 minutes between different element adjustments
  • Any large swings in element levels can be detrimental to your tank inhabitants
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