Tropic Marin Balling Components Set

Multiple salt components that create the best conditions for your aquarium

At a glance...
  • Contains all of the 70 trace elements that are found in sea water
  • Can be added manually or with a dosing pump
  • Contains no unnatural by-products
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What is the Tropic Marin Balling Components Set?

The Tropic Marin Balling Components set contains the three salt components that are used in the Balling method. They will add calcium chloride dihydrate, sodium carbonate and also add sodium chloride free sea salt which will help maintain the ionic balance in the aquarium water. This will create the best conditions required for good growth in your corals and avoids the decrease in important elements seen mostly in two part methods

What are the benefits of this ?

  • Highly sufficient supply of calcium when using the balling method
  • Maintains the ion equilibrium
  • Contains all 70 trace elements found in natural sea water
  • Contains no phosphates or other pollutants
  • Can be stored indefinitely as the solutions are very stable
  • Contains pharmaceutical grade salts of the highest purity


30ml of each solution will raise the concentration of 35l by 15mg/l and 2.2 °dH

Maximum recommended dose is 60ml of each solution per 35l per day

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