Velda Giant Biofill Sets

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Velda Giant Biofill Sets are large filter kits designed for large heavily stocked ponds. The sets consist of a filter, an UV-C Unit, a Silenta Air Pump, a High Stream pond pump, Mineral Filterstart and Bacterial Filterstart. There are three sets: the 20,000, 40,000 and 60,000. The basis of the Giant Biofill XL Set is a large and spacious filter unit that can contain around 250 litres


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Product Information

The Velda Giant Biofill Sets are huge filters for heavily stocked fish ponds, designed to handle the increased bio-waste produced by your fish and the algae that can be caused by it. They include a Velda High Stream Pump and a Velda Silenta 300 air pump for added oxygenation.

They feature filters that have lift-out chambers that make it simple and easy to clean, reducing the time you are usually forced to spend performing essential maintenance.

The water is passed through the Biofill's four filter cassettes, each cleaning the water in different ways, including Japanese mats of different gradients to filter out larger dirt particles. The water also flows through a highly effective UVC to kill off and bind together free floating algae particles (the cause of green water), and also through the Bio Balls that make up the biological filter, breaking down toxins.

The filter has two ports to fit either external UVCs or heaters depending on your needs throughout the year, either heating the water in winter to protect your fish stock, or destroying more algae in the summer months where increased sunlight levels create larger algae blooms.

The water is passed through four filter cassettes. The first is meant for the UV-C Unit, the second is filled with bio balls, the third is equipped with a coarse Japanese mat and the fourth is filled with a fine Japanese mat.

The Silenta 300 Air pump is included as part of the fish care package - it pumps air to the bottom of your pond to increase oxygen levels in the water, allowing your fish to breathe more easily, especially in summer when hotter weather reduces these levels.

Please note these units do not include a plug

User Manual

Product Pond Size
Pond Size With Koi Pump Size UVC Air Pump Guarantee Cable Dimensions ( Filter )
20000 Set 15000L 10000L Green Line 8000 18w Velda Filter 2 years - Pump 5 Years Filter 5m - Pump 10m 780mm x H 580mm x W 580mm
40000 Set 30000L 20000L Green Line 12500 36w Velda Filter 2 years - Pump 5 Years Filter 5m - Pump 10m 780mm x H 580mm x W 580mm
60000 Set 40000L 30000L Green Line 15000 2 x 36w Velda Filter 2 years - Pump 5 Years Filter 5m - Pump 10m 780mm x H 580mm x W 580mm

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