Aquarium Supplies

Aquarium keeping is a hugely rewarding hobby and a fish tank is always a stunning addition to your home. Whether you are an experienced fish tank keeper or a budding aquarist there is a vast amount of choice in the kind of equipment you can choose. 

Your choice of fish tank can reflect your personality, your aquarium decor or the kind of fish you want to keep - if indeed you do want to keep fish. 

The beginner may opt for a basic budget aquarium such as an AquaEl Classic which includes the basic tank and all the equipment you'll need. If you want a larger, stylish aquarium you could look at the Italian designed Fluval Roma, Fluval Venezia and Fluval Vicenza. With matching cabinets these fish tanks will make a stylish statement in the modern home. 

Whether you are a beginner to fish keeping or an expert aquarist Swell has the fish tank for you. From basic goldfish tanks to impressive reef aquariums there is something for everyone. While many fish tanks come as a complete kit with lighting, heating and filtration you can also tailor these to your individual needs.

Swell UK's range of aquariums tailor for both the freshwater aquascaper and the dedicated marine fish-keeper. For example the Red Sea Max is a top of the range reef aquarium with real 'wow factor' in any home. Maybe you are looking for something a little different that will make a more iconic statement such as the Fluval Edge, a tank which looks truly magnificent in person. Many of our aquariums are complete kits with lighting, pumps, filtration and heating and these essentials are also available separately.

You can tailor your needs to the kind of aquarium you want to keep. For example if you are a reef keeper we have a range of LED lights that bring out the colours in your corals or if you keep a freshwater aquarium we have just the right lighting top offer a full light spectrum that offers optimal photosynthesis to your plants. As well as all the decor, air pumps and substrates that you need there is also a large range of fish food, some specific to your fish such as cichlid food and others more general. At Swell we have a team of advisors who are all passionate fish keepers themselves so if ever you are unsure of something we are only a phone call away.    

The Swell UK technical team have decades of experience in aquarium design, installation and maintenance and are available from 9.00-5:30 Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) on 0161 351 4700. However, you can also email us at any time and one of the team will reply as soon as they are available.

All orders made before 3pm Monday to Friday are dispatched the same day and delivered the next working day, and if you spend more than £39, you will not have to pay any delivery charges for most UK mainland postcodes. (Please check for Highlands and Islands)