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AI Blade Coral Glow

Bring the latest AI lighting to your marine aquarium

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  • Ideal for coral fluorescence, used singly or alongside other lighting
  • Available in 7 sizes, with mounting included
  • IP66 waterproof rated, with 95 degree lighting range
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What is AI Blade Coral Glow?

The AI Blade Coral Glow brings the latest AI lighting to your marine aquarium to help your corals truly glow in all their glory. Featuring an LED mix designed to really highlight coral fluorescence, these can be used alone or alongside the AI Blade Coral Grow, and come in 7 sizes to suit your aquarium size.

What are the benefits of this lighting?

  • Available in 7 sizes from 12” to 66”
  • Ideal for corals to really enhance fluorescence, ideal when used with AI Blade Coral Grow
  • IP66 water rated, for safe long term use myAI app control to set the perfect kelvin range for your aquarium
  • 95 degree lighting spread with EdgeField Optics for even PAR and smooth colour mixing
  • Silent operation with passive cooling so no need for fans
  • Mounting included, with other mounting options also available separately

The AI Blade Coral Glow contains 24 LEDs per segment, which are all designed to highlight the spectral peaks in the lower range of blue and upper range of the UV spectrum. This range is designed to help to stimulate coral fluorescence peaks, really making corals to glow! 

Can this lighting be used alongside other aquarium lights?

When used alone, the AI Blade Coral Glow has an adjustable but easy spectrum for corals. However, this can also be used alongside other lighting, and really works well with the AI Blade Coral Grow, for best efficiency. Ideally, a ratio of 2 Coral Grows to 1 Coral Glow is ideal, but that can be 1:1 when less light is required. The AI Blade can also be used alongside existing lighting, such as the AI Hydras to just add that extra glow you know your corals are capable of. 

What are the features of the AI Blade Coral Grow?

The sleek and stylish modern design looks great on your open aquarium, but also ensures the AI Blade cools passively so there is no fan required so it runs silently. At only 1.6cm thickness, these really are sleek and compact.

The AI Blade features segments of lighting, and per segment there are a set quantity of LEDs. Controlled with the myAI app on iOS or Android devices, you have complete control in the set up of the kelvin produced, to suit your personal set up. 

In the Coral Glow Blade, you’ll find per segment;

  • 12 Royal Blue LEDs
  • 6 430nm LEDs
  • 3 415nm LEDs
  • 3 405 nm LEDs

Incorporating EdgeField technology, the AI Blade delivers an even PAR with a 95 degree spread of lighting and smooth colour mixing of the LEDs. Available in 7 length options, from 12” (30cm) up to 66” (168cm), there is an AI Blade to suit your set up. 

Mounting options vary depending on the size you are using. The smallest four sizes, up to 39”, come with a tank rest kit, which sit at the ends of the Blade and rest on the edge of the aquarium for a low profile lighting option. The larger sizes, 48” and above, come instead with mounting clips that are compatible with the AI HMS Single Arms and Hanging Kit rails. Further mounting options are also available, including a Blade Hanging Set, where you can configure 3, 4 or 6 Blades to hang together. There is also an Elevated Tank Mount, raising your lighting higher from the aquarium, but still resting on the edges. 

The AI Blade is IP66 rated, meaning it has the highest protection against water and is built to withstand any humidity or splash back from your aquarium.



Model Length Width Height Power Consumption
12” 12.1” (30.7cm) 2.8” (7cm) 0.7” (1.6cm) 20w
21” 21.1” (53.6cm) 2.8” (7cm) 0.7” (1.6cm) 40w
30” 30.1” (76.5cm) 2.8” (7cm) 0.7” (1.6cm) 60w
39” 39.1” (99.3cm) 2.8” (7cm) 0.7” (1.6cm) 80w
48” 48.1” (122.2cm) 2.8” (7cm) 0.7” (1.6cm) 100w
57” 57.1” (145cm) 2.8” (7cm) 0.7” (1.6cm) 120w
66” 66.1” (167.9cm) 2.8” (7cm) 0.7” (1.6cm) 140w
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