Aqua One Aquis Series 2 External Filter

A fantastic external filter for your aquarium

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  • External filter designed for all aquariums
  • Easy Start Primer function for stress-free installation
  • A wide variety of sizes to suit all aquariums
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The Aquis Series 2 offers you professional quality filtration, including superior biological filtration as well. It features robust securing clips, as well as flow control taps to ensure the perfect filtration flow, depending on your tank size and inhabitants.

The Easy Start Primer function ensures simple installation, without spills or mess, and the quick-release hoses mean it is easy to complete maintenance. This unit operates quietly, whilst being energy efficient and powerful, ensuring optimum filtration.

The canister itself features a modular design of compartments, meaning you can customise the media you require to suit your aquarium needs, getting the most out of the unit at all time.

Product Aquarium size Max flow rate Max head height Canister volume Wattage
Aquis Pro 750 100-200l 650lph 1.4m 6l 12.5W
Aquis Pro 1050 200-350l 1250lph 2m 8.5l 28W
Aquis Pro 1250 300-600l 1400lph 2m 12l 28W
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